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The time for change is now but is procrastination stopping you?

Doing some research for my "Think yourself to success" Workshop, I came across an old favourite book of mine "365 Inspirations for a Great Life" by Linda Field. An inspirational thought for every day of the year reminding us that our lives are Now, we are part of a much bigger than us Now and if we have been thinking about making changes, there is no better time to start than NOW!

As Linda says: "We can all find plenty of reasons not to take that rather risky and scary step into something new. But the longer we wait to act, the more paralysed we become, until the dream becomes a fantasy and stays one forever."

3 common forms of procrastination are:

1. Motivation Procrastination - I haven't got the energy. It's easier to stay where I am.

2. Performance Procrastination - What if it all goes wrong? What if I make a mistake?

3. Decisional Procrastination - I can't decide yet because I need more information. What if I make the wrong decision?

Whatever form your procrastination is taking, it's keeping you stuck! So how do you step out of that paralysis....

The crux is to unearth what is at the bottom of your desire to stay rooted on the spot.

Below are four key coaching questions which I have used with some of my clients that will help you explore this; to understand more about the reasons you are giving yourself for not making change happen so you can live your best NOW

Ask Yourself:

1. What would happen if I did......(make the change)?

And what else?

2. What would happen if I didn't....?

And what else?

3. What wouldn't happen if I did.....?

And what else?

4. What wouldn't happen if I didn't.....?

And what else?

For each "and what else?" question, keep asking it until you stop coming up with anything new. You may think the answers will just be the reverse of each other, but I think you'll be surprised at the additional information and insights that surface.

Now step back and reflect on all the information you have in front of you.

What small step can you take right now to either move forward with the change or, is your decision to let go, you actually do not really want the change you thought you did?

Either way you will have moved from paralysis to choice and action and that's always a good thing.

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