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Is "What next" the right question?

I'm often asked "what should I do next?" especially when it comes to thinking about leaving a job. BUT, is this the right question.....

Feeling stuck, frustrated and confused are commonplace when we know we want something different but are unable to commit to what. Maybe you'll make the wrong choice, maybe there are other options you've not thought's easier perhaps to get someone to tell you what you should do next....or, stay put - at least you know that option!

"What should I do next?" is not necessarily the wrong question. It's more about making sure you have first cleared the headspace to be able to think more clearly than through the fog that is created when you just feel stuck and confused.

So how do you create the headspace? Here are some questions to help you reflect and do just that:

  • What do you think you want?

  • What aspects of your current situation are you trying to get away from?

  • What impact has the pandemic had on you, the human behind your job title?

  • What impact has the pandemic had on your job/the way you work?

  • Why is now the right time for change?

  • What excuses have you been using to not make this change before?

  • What needs to happen to ensure you have the time and energy to commit to exploring this?

Working with a clearer head and being honest with yourself about why you are here, with these thoughts of needing things to change, right now will give you a solid foundation on which to do your exploring.

The question then becomes - "what could I do next?" and your ability to see possibilities is clearer.


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