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Are you facing redundancy?

Redundancy can be devastating or exciting, leaving you feeling numb or angry.  There is no right or wrong reaction to being told that your job is being made redundant, you feel how you feel and that's ok.  Your job has played an important part in your everyday life and now that security is being taken away from you.  Whether you have volunteered for redundancy or not, there is a big wide world out there and I'm here to help you navigate it.

Here’s what some of my recent clients have told me:


  • “I know I’ve stayed in my current position for too long but it’s been a good company to work for and I’m respected and comfortable in my Head of Sales role. Now, I’ve been made redundant and I know the cushion of redundancy pay is not going to last forever. With family to support I want a new role I can be happy and successful in, before the panic of being out of work takes over!”

  • "I loved my job.  I just don't know what to do or where to start"

  • "Age is against me"  

  • "Will anyone take me seriously? I’ve only ever worked in this type of job and cov-id has wiped out jobs in this sector"

You're in the Right Place

I can appreciate how this may feel; A few years ago I found myself “on the job market”.  I had chosen to take voluntary redundancy from a Senior Human Resources role within financial services.   The first day of my new chapter arrived; yes I felt excited but also a little overawed by the freedom and choices that were suddenly in front of me.  In the following months I went through waves of sheer joy and utmost despair as I tried to navigate my way to a new working life that I would be happy with.  I decided to train as a coach and, coupling this with my expertise in recruitment and career development, have gone on to help many professionals land new roles and change their working life for the better.


Working with me you get a perfect mix of mentor, coach, trainer and confidante.  My clients have appreciated the focus, challenge and support I provide.  I can help you:


  • Stand out in the jobs market and secure your next role 

  • Move confidently into working for yourself

  • Create a life you love in retirement

  • Or a combination of any, or all of the above

During our initial "Let's Talk" call we'll discuss what has happened/is happening and the help and support your are looking for.

Your coaching programme will be totally tailored to you and could include:

  • Identifying your reactions and emotions to the news of redundancy and how to manage your well-being


  • Exploring who you are, what you have to offer and what you want

  • Discovering which of the 9 dreamstoppers are in play and what to do about them


  • Putting together a plan to take you to the next stage of your working life or into retirement


  • Signposting you to relevant resources and information 


This is how the programme works:

  • We'll create your plan and agree the number and frequency of coaching sessions you need to cover the content of your programme 


  • As we work through your programme, we'll agree the actions you will take before our next call to ensure we keep you on track.

"Dealing with Redundancy" Coaching 

Book your FREE "Let's Talk" Call and

I'll gladly answer any questions you may have. 

We will also decide whether I and this programme are the right fit too .



Redundancy Coaching -

Totally Tailored for You Programme Pricing :


 - 2 hour package £174

 - 4 hour package £328*

 - 6 hour package £457*

 - 8 hour package £597*

(*pay by installment options are available and you choose the duration and frequency of your sessions to achieve your goals)

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