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Working from home - losing its appeal?

Whilst the majority of us are fairly self-disciplined, often feeling that we seem to get so much more done when working from home, naturally there are times when the Procrastination Gremlin gets in the way.

I first started working from home as an HR Business Partner - an autonomous role planning my own time, scheduling meetings with the different branches of the organisation as appropriate and as long as I clocked up the necessary hours – though as we all know most of us work above and beyond those – and achieved my objectives, there was no problem. This was great training for me for when I moved into running my own business and working from home, as there’s the added ingredient of not having to answer to anyone about how I spend my time, other than ensuring I deliver great client satisfaction. Procrastination rears its ugly head in many different forms….do any of these sound familiar: - I’ll just put the washing in and make a cup of tea before I ….. - Actually, I could do that tomorrow because I can get on with this (more enjoyable task) today - I need to get this done but I just can’t think where to start…I need to clear my head first - I’ll just take a quick look at my e-mails before I start Some of the things that can trigger the procrastination gremlin are:

Difficult phone calls Boring or Mundane tasks Lacking energy Unfamiliar work Not feeling 100% Feeling overwhelmed Feeling isolated

Working from home often means that there is a greater need for self-awareness, to recognise that you are procrastinating and to make the proactive decision to stop! Instinctively you will be aware if you are putting something off.

If you would like some tips to help your working from home be more productive, simply click on my image above for a 4 minute video which outlines my top 10 tips. (It was filmed a couple of years ago so there's no mention of covid-19 and the tips are still relevant :0) )

If you are finding work a struggle at the moment, don't forget I offer free 20 minute telephone consultations which may be all that you need to get you back on track. Book here Until next time, stay safe and well


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