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Finding your work from home space toxic? 6 Questions to ask

We absorb our environment consciously and subconsciously. It either nourishes us and we feel in harmony with our space, or it causes us unhelpful stress.

To be able to bring your best self to your working day, creating an environment where everything you need is available and in easy reach and where you can feel productive, creative and happy is important.

Common challenges are:

- Where you work – you may not have a spare room you can turn into an office and find yourself working from the sofa or at the kitchen table which may cause back aches and/or headaches; Paper, files and equipment giving 24/7 reminders of the work you've still got to do.

- Distractions – unfinished household chores, a programme that you want to watch, deliveries due or simply that the weather is too nice out there to be stuck in

- Spacesharers – family and/or pets asking for attention, noise, needing to use the space you are in...especially difficult with the current home-schooling situation

Making small changes can have a powerful and positive impact.

Ask yourself:

1. On a scale of 1 – 10, where 1 is “awful” and 10 is “perfect”, how would you rate your current workspace?

2. What would increase your score and move you 1 step closer to 10?

3. What changes can you make to where you work so that it feels like a positive place to work?

4. How do you find yourself getting distracted? What tips would you give yourself to regain focus?

5. If family members create challenges for you, what can you say or do to bring this to their attention and find ways so that everyone feels happy and supported?

6. If pets create challenges for you, how can you take care of their needs whilst protecting your ability to concentrate and get things done?

Still facing some challenges creating your happy workspace? E-mail me your question to and I’ll gladly help


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