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Redundant does not mean finished

Have you been handed the hurdle of redundancy? The prospect of redundancy can bring with it a myriad of emotions - apprehension, anger, excitement, loss, fear, freedom. My top 5 tips to help you win through redundancy & come out the other side brighter, confident & ready for the next challenge are:

1. Make peace with the situation - whether through business closure, your role no longer being required or cost cutting measures, it's not down to you personally.

2. Review Your Budget - finances may be tight for a while. How can you make best use of any redundancy package? Explore any benefits you may be entitled to. How can you reduce your outgoings for a while?

3. Know who you are and what you want - Do you want similar work, to try the gig economy, start a business, work more flexibly, retrain?

4. Don't be a hermit - network, catch up with people you used to know, take up a hobby or a class you didn't have time for before. Ask for help, let people know what you're looking for.

5. Nurture the "whole of you" - turning looking for work into a full-time job will soon take its toll on your motivation & your well-being. This is a project which needs planning and attention, all other aspects of your life deserve attention too.


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