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Time to Leave Your Current Role?

Whether personal choice or facing redundancy, making the move that is right for you is key.  Mixed feelings - excitement, apprehension, worry and confusion are common.  And then there's the practicalities - how to make sure you stand out in the job market, what are the steps  you need to take to move into successful self-employment, how to ensure you make the most of your retirement....

Do work that's right for you

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Do you often think you'd like to change what you do, but are not sure to what?

Have you been in your current job so long, you don't know if you could do anything different? 

Is self-employment for you?

Now you can find the answers....

Discover the right work for you
Get that Job
Working Together

Know the type of work you want to do?  Searching for a new opportunity can be exciting, but the work required to land your perfect role can be daunting, time consuming and exhausting.


And, if it’s some years since you were last looking for work, there’s getting up to speed with how the job market works now too.

Focus your time and energy and get ahead of the competition

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Taking the plunge into self-employment can be daunting

Have you made the decision to turn your back on traditional employment, if not fully, at least on a part-time basis?


Are you worried about your decision, feeling the pressure of needing to secure some work and not really sure where to start?

This new opportunity can be exciting, but the effort required to build your perfect business can be time consuming and exhausting.


Setting Up for Successful Self-Employment

As a business leader working through organisational restructures you will no doubt be reflecting on the impact on your employees and their lives.

Offering those affected the opportunity to attend workshops and/or receive 1-2-1 coaching can not only help the transition happen more smoothly, it also supports social responsibility values

Outplacement Support for Organisations

Make the most of Your Retirement

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Are you starting to think about partial or full retirement?  

Whether you want to stop working altogether or continue in some capacity, have lots of plans or are wondering how you will spend your time, you deserve to enjoy life.

Many clients come to me after the "honeymoon period" realising that their only focus had been leaving their old job behind.


This programme reconnects you with the human behind your job title and helps you create a fun and fulfilling retirement, taking control of what's right for you and when.

Relish Your Retirement
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