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Career Kickstart Programme

Are you at a crossroads?

Have you completed a course of study and are wondering where to take you career next?


Do you often think you'd like to change what you do, but are not sure which career is best for you?

Have you been in your current job so long, you don't know if you could do anything different?

Are you wondering if you're cut out for self-employment?

The world of work has changed dramatically over the last decade.   Flexible ways of working, portfolio careers and new jobs that didn't exist 10 years ago are amongst those changes. 


Recent events also mean that many jobs in retail and hospitality (and others) have disappeared leaving you thinking about which other sectors might suit you and how to identify those all important "transferable skills".   


Many of my clients feel that they've just outgrown their current role or, as a result of redundancy, want to find work that they can enjoy.  The starting point is to really understand what that is...

Career Kickstart Coaching is the help you're looking for

We will work together so you can:

  • Explore how your current thinking is shaping your career and lifestyle

  • Clarify your "why?" - be clear about what you want for your future 

  • Understand you - Be confident about your skills and talents and how these could be used in future fulfilling work

  • Explore different options open to you

  • Get clarity about the type of work that suits you and just as importantly, the sectors and organisations that do not.

  • Create your master plan so you can focus on making the changes you want, happen

  • Maintain momentum - handle the external curved balls and the internal gremlins that try to stop you in your tracks and keep you stuck

The programme includes 5 hours of 1:1 coaching support together with activities and exercises designed to broaden, challenge and focus your thinking


We meet via Zoom and each 1 hour session can be booked at a frequency to suit you.  I offer daytime, evening and Saturday morning appointments subject to availability.


Michelle helped me identify my career motivations and the roles that appeal to me.


Within a month of meeting this extremely talented career coach I secured my ideal role.


Michelle’s guidance and support gave me the confidence boost I needed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michelle and would suggest to anyone considering a career move to speak to her; she’ll enable you to unlock the hidden potential within you!"

Gaynor G, Operations Executive, Sheffield

Working with Michelle made me realise that I possessed many more skills than I realised I had, and gave me much more enthusiasm for moving on.....she asked me the questions that I didn't want to ask myself but helped me realise that I had the answers!"

Laura T, Teacher

Can I really help you?

I got in touch with Michelle  as I found myself hitting a brick wall when it came to looking for a new career role. The way she expressed herself throughout the sessions I had with her - leading me to change my blinkered ways and not believing that everything is black and white - will always be a source of much needed encouragement to me now.

I cannot stress how much this lady will be able to help you with whatever you may or may not be going through in your career, she will always give you the right guidance. I thoroughly recommend you connect with her if you need solid career advice.

John P, Engineering Manager

Just thought I'd email to say that I got into my first choice university (University of Greenwich).

Thank you so much for all your help throughout and for helping me to decide what will be best for myself and my future, I couldn't have done it without you!

Laura B, Student

Don't waste anymore time.  You can leave all this confusion behind and be creating the future you dream of. 

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