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Helping You Tackle the Challenges of Working Life

Career SOS

Facing stressful and life impacting difficulties at work?  At a crossroads and don't know what to do next?  I can help

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Moving On

Time to Leave Your Current Role?

Whether to a New Role, Self-Employment or  Retirement, or perhaps you don't know yet -

Whatever the Catalyst, let's Make Your Move a Successful One

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Lead With

New to Role or Seasoned Leader, Develop your Mind-Set & Skill-Set so you can Create Success for Yourself and Take Your Team With You

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07789 922842

Whether tackling a personally difficult situation, leading a team or wanting to land a great new job role, skillful communication is at the heart of success.

Learn how to handle your inner voice, build relationships or stand out in the job market and have the conversations that matter.  

Interested to hear how I can help?

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Book a 30 minute "Take the Weight Off Work" Taster Session. 

It's completely free!  


We'll discuss your situation and identify ways you can make change happen.

If we feel you'd benefit from further support or guidance, we can, of course, discuss how I may be able to help you.

There’s absolutely no obligation to take things further; especially if your plan turns out to be easy enough for you to execute yourself.

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