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Career Kickstart Programme
Discover your purpose, the right work for you and create your future

Would you like to....

  • Be confident about your skills and talents and how these could be used in future fulfilling work

  • Understand the type of work that suits you and importantly the sectors and organisations that do not.

  • Create your master plan for making the move you want

Get that Job
Learn how to showcase your talents & find opportunities that excite you
Curriculum Vitae

12 different topics that cover each of the important activities required to get the job you want.  You can choose as many of the modules as you need or decide to work through the full programme.

My support can include 1-2-1 coaching sessions, CV and/or LinkedIn Profile critique & feedback, interview practice as well as tips to discover the hidden job market and know how to stand out from the job-hunting competition.


I can also help with an internal job or promotion application.

Refocus, re-energise & create a life you love

We all face events or points in our lives when we're pulled up sharp, find ourselves at a crossroads and craving something different.  Perhaps you have been made redundant, lost a loved one or hit a significant birthday.  The current crisis has also created a lot of soul-searching.  Whatever the catalyst, if you would like to re-focus and create a fulfilling work-life balance then this 6 module career and life reboot programme is for you

Lead with Ease
Build your confidence and competence, develop your team to be motivated & productive
Team Meeting

Whether you are new to role or a seasoned manager, helping your team to be productive, supporting their well-being and professional development, through confident and competent leadership is key.  I offer workshops and personal 1:1 development programmes to help you do just that

Career MOT & Professional Development Coaching
Build your confidence and competence with professional development
Team Meeting

Whether you are new to role or a seasoned manager, confident and competent leadership is key to achieving personal success and enabling your team to be the best they can be.   I offer totally tailored personal 1:1 development programmes as well as group workshops to help you do just that

Setting Up for Successful Self-Employment
Confidently make the move into self-employment
Creative Thoughts

Taking the plunge into self-employment can be daunting.  Would you like the support of someone who walked away from a career to build a business based on her passion?

This programme includes 8 hours of personalised coaching covering the 6 pillars you need to master to confidently make the move to self employment and access to my resources including:  “Defining Your Niche”, “Networking Tips”, “Confidence Booster Guide” and “Keep the Focus Plan” 


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