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Helping you transform your career so you can have the professional & personal life you deserve

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No More Excuses!

If you are a manager or professional experiencing a tough time at work you are in the right place.

You are certainly not alone.  Life is too short to let challenges in your working life take over.

I pick up your SOS signals and show you the way to make the changes you want happen.


Common SOS Signals


  • Workload Overwhelm

  • Loss of work-life balance

  • Feeling unheard

  • Being stuck in a job you hate

  • Thinking you’re not good enough

  • Handling a difficult boss or colleague

  • Drifting, wishing it could be different

  • Difficulty dealing with unwelcome change

  • CV not getting you an interview 

  • Not succeeding at interview

  • And much more....


These are just some examples of the situations the 100’s of UK managers and professionals I have worked with, have found themselves in. 

When you're not sleeping, constantly worrying or facing a tough time at work I help you solve the problem quickly.


Say goodbye to that “this is just how it is” mentality.  Get clear on what to do, build your confidence and develop the skills and know-how you need to make the changes you want, happen.  I’d love to help you.


How I help


Express Problem Solver

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Reboot Your Life
Achieve More, Live More Programme

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Get a Job you'll Love

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Helping you think differently

SOS - Let's Talk
Get clear on what to do next





I'm a qualified Career, Leadership and Life Coach, HR Practitioner and Trainer, with many years' experience of working in the real world. 


I've personally encountered - the ups and downs of managing a team, the wrath of autocratic management, being “dumped in at the deep end,” restructures, a crazy busy workload with no let up and often feeling that I was dancing to someone else’s tune.  It wasn't all bad.  I had my fair share of promotions in a variety of roles and led recruitment, talent assessment &  management development programmes too.   

Since leaving Corporate life, I've supported 100's of managers, aspiring managers and professionals, from all sectors, to take positive action and develop flourishing careers.  

I'm also:

             "This is Your Life - Take Control - Live!"
             "Think Your Way to Success"


Whether you want support to handle a stressful situation, to move on from your current role, to feel more confident or to make sense of that "more to life" feeling, I'd be delighted to help.  Your "Let's Talk" consultation costs just £29 which is refunded against the price of your coaching programme should you decide to work with me.


Why work with me?

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